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Hello, and welcome!

This is where my sales will be.

- I ship from 31206 - Macon, GA, USA.
- I ship within a week of receiving payment.
- I am NOT responsible for packages once they leave my hands. Want tracking/insurance? Let me know beforehand.
- Shipping starts at $1.50 for FLATS, and $3.50 for NON-FLATS. I only charge for shipping and Paypal fees.
- Shipping starts ay $6.50 for international shipping. Please inquire first!

- I accept Paypal ONLY.
- Payments go to: sleepyh22a (@) gmail (dot) com.

Questions? Post in the question thread below.

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11 April 2014 @ 09:49 pm

Under the cut, you can view my whole Pokemon collection! :D

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26 December 2012 @ 09:28 pm

Hello everyone! This is my wants post! :3

I'm interested in trades, partial trades, or just straight up buying these plush from you! I don't care about condition/tags/damaged plush/figures.

I am always interested in any custom plush of:

*Main* collection:

*Side* collection:

I love custom plush in general, so let me know if you have one you're looking to trade/sell! C:

Now. Onwards!

↑ I plan on having an army of dark puppies. OFFER THEM TO MEEEEEE.

❀ ❀ Houndour/Houndoom/
Mega Houndoom:
❀ ❀

↑ Houndour Pokedolls, Houndour chibi stamper & Look Out, Houndour! Pokemon Little Tales book {ENGLISH}

❀ ❀ Poochyena/Mightyena: ❀ ❀

↑ Poochyena Hasbro; I need 2 of these babies just 1 now! :D

↑ Both Mightyena Retsuden stampers (purple and pink)

❀ ❀ Vulpix/Ninetales ❀ ❀

↑ Vulpix plushes

↑ DX Tomy Vulpix figure, talking Vulpix figure

↑ Vulpix & Ninetales Chibi stampers (all color bases)

❀ ❀ Growlithe/Arcanine: ❀ ❀

↑ Growlithe & Arcanine Chibi stampers (all color bases), Growlithe retsuden stampers

↑ Attack Arcanine kid figure, crouching Arcanine figure

❀ ❀ Skitty/Delcatty: ❀ ❀

↑ Skitty pillow, Skitty retsuden stamper

both Delcatty kid figures winking Delcatty kid!

❀ ❀ Manectric/Mega Manectric: ❀ ❀

↑ New Mega Manectric Tin Badge!

❀ ❀ Mareep: ❀ ❀

↑ any Mareep plush for my sheep hoard!

↑ Mareep sleepy plush, Mareep chibi stamper, Mareep bound ball toy!

❀ ❀ Absol/Mega Absol: ❀ ❀

↑ Both Absol Banpresto Plush, Absol Pokedoll

↑ Absol Bath Salt Figure, Absol Minicot, Absol DX Tomy Figure, unknown? attack Absol figure

↑ all Absol TFG colors!

❀ ❀ Shinx/Luxray: ❀ ❀

↑ Luxray Marble shooter figure, Shinx Laying Tomy Plush

Other side collections:


↑ Psyduck Kuta, Meowth Kuta, Magikarp Pokedoll, Lapras w/ Pikachu riding on back (unknown brand?)

↑ Button Spinda, Noctowl Pokedoll, Croconaw UFO, Flaaffy sleepy plush, Furrett Tomy, Sentret Tomy, Chikorita

↑ Snorlax Backpack plush, Charmander Backback plush, Lotad UFO, Smoochum UFO, Roselia UFO

↑ Tomy fuzzy Slowpoke, Slowpoke Kuta, Pidgeotto Play by Play, Tomy Lapras w/ Marill on back

↑ Fuzzy Tomy Wailmer, Spheal Pokedoll, Spheal with Pikachu, Bibarel UFO, Mismagius Pokedoll


both color Poketch watch! just the red one now! :D

Game Collection!

Gameboy SP (preferably Pink with the brighter screen) in working condition with charger GOT ONE! :D




Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL in working condition with charger


HeartGold/SoulSilver GOT THEM!


Black 2/White 2

Pokemon X / Y

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